Design, Analysis & Prototyping

Barber-Nichols develops, analyzes, builds, and tests over 15 clean sheet designs annually on average.  Our rigorous design process ensures our customer’s most demanding requirements are met.  BN’s real-world test-verified analysis tools hone in on an optimized solution quickly and identify technical risks early in the development cycle.  Expensive and time-consuming late-cycle design iterations can be eliminated.

Additive manufacturing example

Additive Manufacturing

As additive manufacturing (AM) gains more prevalence across industries, it is especially important to understand what makes a good candidate for AM. Here at BN we don’t just print “best-effort” parts – we design, analyze, and optimize designs to print parts that meet your requirements.


Design for Manufacturing

As BN is both an engineering and a manufacturing company, Design for Manufacture (DFM) is more than just a concept, it is a daily reality. BN has a strong corporate culture of open communication where engineering and manufacturing personnel exchange ideas directly in both formal and informal settings.  Manufacturing personnel provides design input from the conceptual design phase through the release of detailed manufacturing drawings.  BN also incorporates the concepts of Design for Assembly and Design for Cost into its DFM program. Research indicates that 75% of a product’s cost is established during the design process.


Electro-Chemical Machining

Electro-Chemical Machining or ECM is a rapid, cost-effective, stress-free machining process that produces a high-quality finish.  It is specifically suited well for removing material in complicated geometry from hard to conventionally machine materials.  BN has utilized this process for over 40 years to manufacture turbine blades, turbine nozzles, and complicated geometry such as the aircraft part shown.

One of Barber-Nichols strengths includes the ability to successfully navigate challenging technology development paths and to rapidly diagnose solutions for tough and sometimes perplexing issues for these new turbomachinery systems. Working with Barber-Nichols was always rewarding, educational, and fun.
Steven Wright, Sandia National Laboratories

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