Pets of Barber-Nichols

Coco Chanel Goodman

“Coco Chanel” a BN Turbo prototype

The Dude Bennett

CEO of Lebowski international AKA “His Dudeness”

Rooster Ellis

Lead Torpedo Parts Retriever

Beatrix Kiddo Atencio

Opurrrations Manager

Abby Collier

Pawsitive Culture Team Leader

Franklin “Frankie” Dixon

Chief Beagle Counsel

Oos Atencio

Box Logistics Manager

Mocha Pulliam

Controller in Training

Happy Bayliff

Chief Distraction Officer

Astro Atencio

Senior Pawsitive Fun Expert

D Argo Edwards

Quality Moral Officer

Gosha Atencio

Head of Hazard Pawtrol

Leo and Lily George

Squirrel Prevention Specialists

Penny Kardashian Goodman

Maintoynance Manager

Ares Colletti

Anti-Squirrel Defense Coordinator

Dobby Green

Chief Feline Officer

Sasha Hughes

Safety Manager in Training

Faye Kantola

Senior Supplier Treat-o-logist

Ringo Martin

Flying Disc Manager

Fenris McGuire

CSO Chief Shedding Officer

Josie McMinn

General Meownsel

Piglet Ouellette

Canine Executive Officer

Lucy Ranes


Mikko Ranes

Pawject Manager Intern

Finn Reed

Pawject Quality Engineer

Bower Renfrow

Manager of Pawblic Relations

Kona Shaw

Chief "Paw"grammer

Ava Stoker

Security Pawtrol Manager

Belka Sullivan

Toy Durability Analyst

Molly Toczynski

Chief Pup Officer

Flynn Walther-Muno

Cuddle Coordinator

Lucy Zacherl

Head Barker