Barber-Nichols (BN) has engineered, designed, and manufactured highly specialized propulsion and ejection systems for a variety of undersea defense applications. Whether these products are cooling critical electronic, engine, and weapons systems, or providing environmental control and life support; BN’s proven heritage of robust, field-proven hardware continues to meet the demands of customers like the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Missile Defense Agency (MDA), and Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).

Submarine Ejection Systems

Barber-Nichols manufactures submarine ejection assemblies that form part of the pressure boundary of Naval submarines, and require compliance with some of the most stringent quality standards. These high-precision, ultra-quiet systems are critical to maintaining safety and protecting the lives of the nation’s submariners.

Partners in Success

Energy Storage and Propulsion Systems for Underwater Vehicles

Exercising a combination of knowledge in rotating equipment, power generation cycles, and electrical management systems; Barber Nichols’ has participated in the design & development of different power and propulsion systems used in underwater vehicles. Efforts have included DFM/DFA on stored chemical energy propulsions systems (SCEPS), and detailed system analysis of battery & electrolyte management of an advanced electric propulsion system. The increased power density of these systems improves mission performance and efficiency.

System Level Analysis and Engineering for an Advanced Electric Propulsion System

Alternator & Regulator Revitalization Program

Barber-Nichols’ won a large contract to execute a production restart effort for legacy alternators and regulators used on a Naval platform. Since these components hadn’t been manufactured by industry in nearly 20 years, BN performed extensive analysis and design reviews focused on overcoming technological obsolescence, testing for risk mitigation, defining the new manufacturing process, and standing up a new qualified vendor base. This successful effort resulted in the transition to production and further strengthened the U.S. defense supplier base.

Laser and Radar Cooling Pumps and Systems

Barber-Nichols has been consistently involved in the development and evolution of directed energy (DE) and radar thermal management systems for systems used on ground, sea and air platforms. Additionally, Barber-Nichols has developed and provided innovative custom engineered cooling pump solutions and configurations.  These customized pump solutions have evolved into product families that provide a power-dense solution fitting a wide range of performance and customer requirements. Complimentary to Barber-Nichols’ HEL and radar thermal management cooling pumps are complete Thermal Management System (TMS) design and simulation, including transient analysis and control.


Cooling Pumps and Systems

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