Turbomachinery: Machinery that transfers energy between a rotor and a fluid.

Since 1966, Barber-Nichols’ core competency has been the design and production of Specialty Turbomachinery. Products include pumps, compressors, fans, turbines, power systems, rocket engine turbopumps, motors, generators, controllers and thermal management solutions for aerospace, cryogenic, defense, energy and other commercial or industrial applications. Products can be customized for your specific project to get maximum performance from your system.


Barber-Nichols designs and manufactures custom centrifugal pumps for almost any service. With over 50 years of continuous innovation in pump design for a wide range of applications, we are able to provide the most efficient and reliable pumps to meet your operating conditions.

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Compressors & Fans

BNI utilizes proven experience and analysis tools to design and manufacture custom compressors and fans for applications ranging from engine cooling fans for military vehicles to air compressors for aircraft fuel cell applications to cryogenic circulation blowers for satellite test chambers.

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Turbines & Power Systems

BNI’s roots are in turbine design and manufacture for aerospace and defense applications. We have grown our expertise to include such diverse applications as turbines for oil field downhole power generation, automotive exhaust energy recovery and power generation from propellants in space applications.

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Rocket Engine Turbopumps

BNI’s expertise in development of high speed hot turbines and cryogenic pumps positioned us to become one of the world’s leading developers of Rocket Engine Turbopump technology. Since 1996, BNI has designed and manufactured more new rocket engine turbopumps than any other company for customers such as NASA, DoD and NewSpace companies.

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Motors, Generators & Controllers

In the late 1990’s, BNI worked on development of hydrogen recirculation blowers for automotive fuel cells that involved integration of brushless DC motors and controllers from outside suppliers. Through these efforts we saw the need to develop this expertise for motors and controllers in house. Since that time, BNI has designed and manufactured motors, generators and/or controllers for over 50 different applications with speeds ranging from 2,000-150,000 RPM and power levels from 50 Watts to 300 kW.


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Thermal Management Solutions

BNI designs and manufactures compact liquid coolant pumps, innovative cold plates for PCB cooling, as well as complete cooling systems for some of the most demanding thermal management challenges industry presents.

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