Centrifugal Pumps

Centrifugal pumps use a rotating impeller to impart kinetic energy into a working fluid by accelerating it radially outward. As the high-velocity fluid exits the tip of the impeller blades it is routed into the pump volute or diffuser, each of which has an increasing cross-sectional area, where the velocity of the fluid slows causing an increase in pressure head in the fluid. High-speed centrifugal pumps are particularly effective, as pump Affinity Laws show how an increase in the operating speed of the pump causes an exponential increase in the pressure head developed.

High-speed centrifugal pumps can be very compact and because they have fewer moving parts compared to other high-pressure pump technology, they are often an ideal choice for applications where size, weight, and reliability matter.

Barber-Nichols’ reputation is built upon the capability and willingness to develop specialty pump solutions that meet the specific needs of customers. The products detailed below provide a representative sample of some of the most popular configurations, while our team of engineers continue to create new pump designs daily, that draw upon knowledge gained over more than 50 years as a business.

BNP-49X Family of Pumps

The BNP-49X family of cooling pumps includes several variations of B-N’s legacy BNP-49-000 design. The pumps were originally designed for a military avionics cooling system, and are used in the Poseidon P-8A AAS POD. 400Hz designs allow for operation without the need for an external controller, and DC motor variants are available with a separate fully qualified motor controller. The pump uses a triple-redundant mechanical seal, which enables the pump to be mounted vertically, with the inlet up and motor below the wet end. It has undergone MIL-STD qualification without seal failure or permitting any fluid to enter the motor cavity.

  • Base Model: 60gpm @ 120psid, 8HP 400hz AC motor
  • “B” Model: 90gpm @ 60psid, 5.8HP 400hz AC motor
  • “C” Model: 140gpm @ 120psid, 18.6HP 250V BLDC motor
  • “D” Model: 385gpm @ 80psid, 30HP 400hz AC motor
  • “E” Model: 385gpm @ 80psid, 30HP 850V BLDC Motor
  • “F” Model: 140gpm @ 120psid, 18.6HP 650V BLDC motor

411000X Family of Pumps

The 411000X series is a high-speed partial emission pump, many of which have been used for avionics cooling on the C-130 AAS POD. Designed for operation on EGW or PGW it uses cast aluminum construction to minimize weight. Available with a 400 Hz AC or 28VDC motor, it provides up to 23 gpm volumetric flow at 100 psid when operating at 11,570 rpm. This design has also been MIL-STD qualified through extensive testing. 

BNP-26X Family of Pumps

The BNP-26X pump family is a partial-emission centrifugal pump designed for orbital space applications. Originally designed for 10 gpm at 14.5 psid when operating at 5000 rpm, several variants of this platform have been created since its inception. It has stainless steel, seal-welded construction and is driven with a brushless DC motor supported by journal bearings to provide a robust, highly reliable solution intended for long duration mission life.

BNP-55X Family of Pumps

The original BNP-55X pumps were designed for customers that require a dependable, long-life pump for thermal management on reusable spacecraft. The base configuration is rated for 1gpm @ 55psid on PGW. It is driven by a 127W 21.5V BLDC motor at 11,600rpm, and uses a hall sensor for commutation. The high-speed shaft is supported by hydrodynamic journal bearings, and the pump has a stainless steel bolted design that offers a simple, compact solution for numerous space-rated cooling applications.

We build custom pump solutions tailored to meet your specific needs.

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