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Full Product Lifecycle

Barber-Nichols can support your Full Product Lifecycle from developing specifications and initial concept definition through aftermarket service and repair and everything in between.

Requirements Definition & Management

In many applications, the rotating machinery is often at the heart of the system, yet it is often the most overlooked.

Barber-Nichols has nearly 60 years of experience developing high-compliance custom turbomachinery and has an in-depth understanding of the current state of the art. Through early engagement with our customers, we can bring this experience to the table and help define requirements that set programs up for long-term success.

Engineering Solutions: Custom Design, Analysis & Prototyping

Barber-Nichols annually develops, analyzes, builds, and tests 17 clean sheet designs.  Our rigorous custom design process meets our customer’s most demanding requirements.  BN’s real-world test-verified analysis tools quickly hone in on an optimized solution and identify technical risks early in the development cycle.  Expensive and time-consuming late-cycle design iterations can be eliminated.

  • Engineering capabilities: drafting modeling, CFD, rotordynamics
  • Design for manufacturing, assembly, inspection, and test (DFMAIT)

Advanced Manufacturing

Barber-Nichols has a modern 43,000 sq ft world-class manufacturing facility that consolidates machining, inspection, quality, and operations under one roof.

Capabilities include:


Assembly & Test

High-speed turbomachinery requires the utmost precision and attention to detail during assembly and testing. Even the slightest deviation from the design specifications can significantly affect the performance, efficiency, and durability of high-speed machines. Barber-Nichols meticulously inspects and measures all critical components to ensure that they meet the required tolerances before assembling them. Detailed testing plans are created to validate performance, vibration, and integrity of the pressure boundary to detect any issues that may arise during operation. Ultimately, the goal is to deliver reliable and high-performance turbomachinery that meets the stringent demands of our customers.


Overhaul, Maintenance & Repair Services

BN supports legacy products to keep our customers running efficiently and effectively.

  • US Navy-certified Designated Overhaul Point for SUBSAFE Level 1 products
  • Life extension of high-value, high-complexity rocket engine turbopumps
  • Overhaul kits to facilitate onsite customer refurbishment and minimize equipment downtime
  • Full evaluation and overhaul services when extreme environment and variable duty cycles accelerate wear
  • Design enhancements and/or performance modifications based on changing demands
One of Barber-Nichols strengths includes the ability to successfully navigate challenging technology development paths and to rapidly diagnose solutions for tough and sometimes perplexing issues for these new turbomachinery systems. Working with Barber-Nichols was always rewarding, educational, and fun.
Steven Wright, Sandia National Laboratories

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