Barber-Nichols Inc. (BNI) has been designing and producing specialty pumps since 1966.

BNI has a broad range of hydraulic, mechanical, and electrical expertise that is utilized for critical pump applications. Our pumps serve a wide range of markets including cryogenic, aerospace, military, transportation, and energy. BNI designs and produces brushless DC and induction motors with variable frequency controllers, as well as generators for turbines.  BNI cryogenic pumps are used for scientific, energy, and space markets for fluids down to liquid helium temperatures at 4.2 K (-269 C). Additionally, BNI has produced hermetic pumps with induction and brushless DC motors.  BNI utilizes decades of experience with modern design tools such as FEA and CFD along with test results to maximize efficiency.  Our in-house engineering and design capabilities coupled with our on-site manufacturing, assembly, and test expertise bring a high level of pump optimization, integration, and quality to new and existing designs.

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