Barber-Nichols Inc. (BNI) works with customers from a broad range of industries with a focus in Aerospace, Defense, Cryogenics and Energy.

We also design and build products and systems for a variety of commercial customers including medical, computer and automotive companies. This broad range of industry and customer experience helps sustain overall business growth levels despite typical economic cycles occurring within individual industries.  BNI brings experience developing the most advanced solutions from a wide industry range to help solve your problem.


Barber-Nichols produces a wide variety of compact, lightweight pumps, fans, turbines, generators, and propellant densification systems for the aerospace industry. BNI’s highly experienced engineers are routinely familiar with the aerospace industry design process including risk assessment and machinists work within an AS 9100 approved quality system to ensure exacting product conformity.  We are one of the world’s leading liquid rocket engine turbopump development companies.

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BNI provides a variety of circulators, compressors, and pumps for use with cryogenic fluids reaching temperatures as low as 4.2 K (-452 °F). These products are hermetically sealed, designed to minimize heat leak, and are easy to maintain. Fluid applications include liquid oxygen, argon, nitrogen, neon, hydrogen, and helium.

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Barber-Nichols’ first job was US Navy driven.  Since then, U.S. soldiers, sailors, and Marines have relied on BNI’s products. The power density and packaging challenges of many military applications has led to the development of numerous custom pumps, fans, turbines, electronics and systems for U.S. Air Force, Army, and Navy duties.  Barber-Nichols is certified to all applicable production and traceability standards for the most critical military aerospace and marine applications. BNI is a trusted partner of the U.S. Department of Defense and its prime subcontractors to deliver certified military hardware to the warfighter on schedule and below budget.

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BNI produces specialty turbomachinery for a variety of energy applications, from transferring liquefied natural gas to producing  power from geothermal resources to circulating hydrogen in fuel cells for automotive and aircraft use.

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