Computer Cooling Fans

As computer processor capacity continues to increase, mainframe computer heat loads and cooling airflow requirements are increasing as well. A greater number of Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) fans can be used to meet the increased cooling airflow requirements. COTS fans are low in price, but their small size and low efficiency drive up the end user’s operating cost. Alternatively, Barber-Nichols (BN) can provide an engineered computer cooling fan that maximizes efficiency and drives down the end user’s operating cost.

Model BNF-05-000 Computer Cooling Fan

BN is experienced at producing computer cooling fans and is able to achieve fan efficiencies in excess of 80%. Advanced aerodynamic design tools allow state-of-the-art aerodynamic performance along with strict noise management. The use of resin or powder-based 3D printing delivers a rapid confirmation of fan performance. The use of injection-molded components provides a cost advantage for production quantity products. Air-cooled induction and liquid-cooled permanent magnet motor options are available and variable frequency drives can be used to further optimize efficiency.

Barber-Nichols produced fans with airflow rates exceeding 3000 acfm and air pressure rises greater than nine inches of water. Let us look at your duty and see if an engineered solution will enhance your product’s performance.