LNG Vapor Return Compressors

Barber-Nichols (BN) produces Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Vapor Return Compressors that can be customized for a wide variety of operating conditions at relatively low-pressure ratios (<2.5:1). These compressors transfer boil-off-gas from large storage facilities onshore back to ships offshore while they are being unloaded. The boil-off-gas fills the void being created in the ship’s tanks thereby preventing tank collapse and/or the introduction of oxygen into the system. Typical volumetric flow rates are 2,040 m3/hr (1,200 cfm), pressure deltas are 1.3 bar (4-5 psi), and temperatures are -162 °C (-260 °F). BN’s LNG Vapor Return Compressors utilize high-speed motors which eliminate the need for a gearbox and maximize efficiency and reliability.

Barber-Nichols has the infrastructure to support the sale, installation, and maintenance of LNG Vapor Return Compressors in North America only.

Barber-Nichols Model BNCP-66-000 LNG Vapor Return Compressor
at Sempra Energy’s Energía Costa Azul LNG Terminal

Features & Benefits

  • The Integrated High-Speed Motor, Shaft, & Impeller Improve Reliability & Simplify Maintenance
  • The Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Optimizes Compressor Efficiency Across Variable Operating Conditions, Provides Overcurrent Protection, Reduces Power Consumption, and Facilitates Soft Start-Up & Shut-Down
  • The Ability to Operate at Cryogenic Temperatures Eliminates the Need For Heaters, Reduces Power Consumption & Limits the Introduction of Heat Into the Ship’s Storage Tanks
  • The Use of Class I, Div. II, Group D Electrical Enclosures Maximize Safety
  • The Oil-Lubrication System, Which Also Cools The Motor, Maximizes Equipment Life (Large Configuration Only)
  • The Integrated Sensor & Control System Optimizes Efficiency by Automatically Adjusting Speeds & Surge Control Valves and by Turning Compressors On & Off as Flow Rates Change