Space Turbomachinery

Turbomachinery for Space Applications

Barber-Nichols engineers, manufactures, and tests a wide range of equipment for numerous mission-critical space applications. BN’s space flight hardware includes liquid rocket engine turbopumps, fuel densification systems, liquid fuel thruster pumps, and environmental control system pumps and fans. BN has the expertise to meet the space flight industry’s strict design specifications, specialized material requirements, and conformance to high-quality standards. Engineered products are designed using the aerospace ConDR/PDR/CDR process, addressing a variety of MIL and NASA standards.  Additionally, BN specializes in contract manufacturing individual space components and complete assemblies. BN is proud to have received the Colorado Manufacturing Award for Aerospace Manufacturer of the Year in 2020 and again in 2022.

Rocket Engine Propulsion

Every engine developer and launch provider knows that the first step towards achieving success is that first successful engine test, and the most complex parts of the engine are the turbopumps. That is why BN is the go-to developer and manufacturer of turbopumps for high-performance liquid rocket engines.

For over 20 years, BN has designed and built more new rocket engine turbopumps than any other company in the United States. This includes design, procurement, manufacturing, and test support from development to flight units under one roof. Our customers choose BN because they have an aggressive schedule and need custom-designed and reliable hardware. BN brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from developing turbomachinery for various applications across multiple industries.

More About Rocket Engine Turbopumps

Environmental Control & Life Support Systems -ECLSS

As we endeavor to explore beyond the safety of Earth, we must create our own environment suitable for survival. Barber-Nichols is dedicated to the integrity and quality of its hardware in applications that support the lives of our explorers. Our experience includes fans for the circulation of crew cabin air and 100% oxygen and crew cabin thermal control system pumps.

Ventilation Loop Fan for NASA’s Future Space Suits

Spacecraft Thermal Control

For over 55 years, BN has helped our customers design and develop effective cooling systems for space applications.  This includes Active Thermal Control Systems (ATCS) for single and 2-phase cooling systems and custom-designed pumps, compressors, and fans for cooling duties to meet rigorous customer requirements. For example, BN provided pumps and fans for NASA’s  X-38 Crew Return Vehicle.

Spacecraft Thermal Control Pumps

Cryogenic Fluid Management

  • Propellant Management
  • Transfer, Boost, Destratification
  • Inline, Submersible, Hermetic
  • Flow from 0.1 GPM to 500 GPM
  • Powers from 10W to 100kW


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