Barber-Nichols Wins 2020 Aerospace Manufacturing Award

Barber-Nichols 2020 CMA Aerospace Manufacturer of the Year!

Winners were announced last week in the fifth annual Colorado Manufacturing Awards, co-hosted by CompanyWeek and Manufacturers Edge. CMA founder and CompanyWeek publisher Bart Taylor noted the award was two years in coming, “Barber-Nichols deserves recognition for what they’re accomplishing, and for how well they represent Colorado’s bellwether aerospace sector.”

“Barber-Nichols Inc. (BNI) is very honored to be named the CMA Aerospace Manufacturer of the Year.  While we don’t have a big local name, we have been busy designing and building some of the most advanced space, aerospace, and military equipment out there!  BNI has also been very successful in contributing to Colorado’s manufacturing community with 10% CAGR and over 100 new engineering, manufacturing, and support jobs created since 2002, partnerships and scholarships with colleges and universities (CU, CSR, RRCC, FRCC), and most recently a new 43,000 sq ft state of the art manufacturing building.  Thanks to all the sponsors – many of which have helped us along the way!” -Dan Thoren, President.