Barber-Nichols’ Liquid Nitrogen Pumps Supporting High Voltage Direct Current Superconductor Cable Project

Liquid nitrogen pumps designed and manufactured by Barber-Nichols Inc. (BNI) have recently gone into operation at South Korea’s Jeju Smart Grid Test-Bed on their High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) Superconductor Cable Project. HVDC superconducting cables have no electrical resistance and can transmit 150 times more power than copper or aluminum cables of the same size making them ideal for underground power transmission in densely populated urban centers. But power transmission cables must be cooled to cryogenic temperatures to obtain superconducting properties which requires a liquid nitrogen circulation system. BNI’s pumps are designed to maximize the thermal efficiency of the system by maximizing hydraulic efficiency and minimizing heat leak into the cryogenic system. The unique pump design allows for permanent vacuum installation of the impeller housing and utilizes warm high-speed bearings for maximum operating life. Please contact Barber-Nichols for Liquid Nitrogen Pumps designed to meet your most exacting requirements and more information about HVDC Superconducting Cables is available from LS Cable & System.