Cryogenic Turbomachinery

Barber-Nichols offers complete product lifecycle engineering, detailed design, prototype development, manufacturing, assembly, and testing. We provide system-critical cryogenic turbomachinery solutions in collaboration with your team. We specialize in custom cryogenic pumps, blowers, fans, and advanced turbomachinery for cryogenic systems. BN is honored to have been awarded the Arvada Chamber’s Business of the Year award in 2022 and a Colorado Biz Top Company of the Year in 2021.


  • Advanced turbomachinery for cryogenic systems
  • Custom solutions for our customers
  • Full product lifecycle -new concept design to production
  • Advanced manufacturing, assembly, and test

General Cryogenics

  • Electric motor-driven cryogenic fluid pumps, circulators, and blowers
  • Cryogenic turboexpanders
  • Cryogenic vapor blowers and compressors
  • Hermetic and semi-hermetic
  • Externally mounted, vacuum housings, submersible, in-line

Physics Research

  • Cryogenic moderator pumps
  • Cold vapor circulators
  • X-ray light source optics cooling
  • Radiation tolerant designs

Liquid Hydrogen Pumps

  • LH2 transfer and boost pumps
  • Low NPSP capabilities
  • Liquefication system ancillary equipment (pumps, blowers)

Superconducting Magnet Cooling Systems

  • HTS Cable Cryogenic Pumps
  • High-pressure rise capability
  • Low to high flow rates

Share your operating conditions, and Barber-Nichols will identify the best options to meet your needs.

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