Ethylene Glycol Water Pumps for Universal Hydrogen

In the Summer of 2022, Barber-Nichols engineered, manufactured, and delivered ethylene glycol water pumps for Universal Hydrogen to support their milestone of flying the Dash 8 turboprop, nicknamed Lightning McClean. The aircraft is the world’s largest hydrogen fuel cell-powered aircraft. According to Loris Gliner, Director of Powertrain Engineering & Flight Test at Universal Hydrogen, “The pump operates flawlessly!”

This milestone was achieved and enhanced over the seven months with several more successful flights. Universal Hydrogen also received its G-1 Issue Paper from Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). This milestone is required to certify the airworthiness and environmental standards of hydrogen-powered aircraft. Universal Hydrogen also just celebrated the 250th order of its hydrogen fuel cell-powered regional aircraft conversion kits! With this type of success, the industry is much closer to the climate goal of clean air travel.

Barber-Nichols designs and manufactures specialty turbomachinery for several clean energy markets including the hydrogen, fuel cell, modern nuclear and super-critical C02 markets. At Barber-Nichols, we believe that specialty turbomachinery is the cornerstone of developing capability to deliver clear-energy generation, transportation and end-use of liquid and gaseous hydrogen.

Barber-Nichols wants to congratulate the Universal Hydrogen team on their continued success. We are proud to have been instrumental in the success of Universal Hydrogen’s accomplishments in clean air travel.