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Enhance the efficiency and reliability of hydrogen systems with cutting-edge turbomachinery explicitly designed for cryogenic applications. Barber-Nichols’ cryogenic pumps and blowers are intended to minimize heat input into the system while leveraging proven high-speed cryogenic bearings and motors to ensure a long operating
life between maintenance intervals. Inline, submersible, vacuum housing, and long-shaft configurations are available to meet the unique demands of the emerging hydrogen economy.

Barber-Nichols has in-house capabilities to support the complete product lifecycle, from early concept trades and prototyping to detailed design and qualification through production and testing, aftermarket parts, field service, and support. We collaborate with your team to provide system-critical turbomachinery solutions for your hydrogen applications, aftermarket parts, field service, and support.


  • Advanced turbomachinery for hydrogen systems
  • Custom solutions to meet customers’ unique challenges
  • State-of-the-art manufacturing, assembly, and testing
  • Full product lifecycle -early concept trade through aftermarket support

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