Liquid Hydrogen Pump BNHP-29

Liquid Hydrogen Pump BNHP-29

The BNHP-29 liquid hydrogen pump has been designed and manufactured to effectively and efficiently compress and transport hydrogen to an end-user vehicle such as an aircraft or ship. These use cases require low leakage, minimal heat input, and ease of machine maintenance while maintaining the necessary vacuum around the cold end of the pump. Barber-Nichols has solved these challenges with the BNHP-29.


  • Partial emission centrifugal pump
  • Hermetic design -no dynamic seals
  • Thin wall design to minimize heat leak
  • Vacuum housing allows the pump to be removed from the system for regular maintenance without breaking the cold box vacuum
  • Air-cooled motor
  • Variable speed provides a wide range of head and flow
  • CE Mark with ATEX (explosion proof) rating

Designation     [mm]     [in]

     A                      557       21.9

     B                      333       13.1


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