New Apprenticeship Program

Barber-Nichols has officially launched its apprenticeship program, partnering with Warren Technical School. This program engages second-year students with hands-on learning experiences on lathe, mill, and grind machines. We currently have one student in our program and are excited to welcome Braden to the Barber-Nichols Team. When asked what Braden likes so far about working at Barber-Nichols, he shared the following:

  • The Hands-on training and in-depth explanation of the processes of good parts.
  • Explanation of good attributes and daily tasks to be successful.
  • Great Environment with amazing people who care for you and will take time to check in on you.
  • Management takes time to check in on employees, whether about work topics or how they are doing.
  • Able to see a lot of sweet dogs on a day-to-day basis :).

This is the start of our apprenticeship program, and we know the future is bright for Braden and Barber-Nichols because we are One Team All In.