Liquid Nitrogen Pumps

Model BNCP-20-000 Liquid Nitrogen Pump in a Monochromator Cryocooler


BN has designed and produced more than 50 different liquid nitrogen pumps. Some of the pumps utilize long shafts to minimize heat input and others are submersible for use in high-reliability applications where overall power is small or heat input is not crucial. Long shaft pumps with vacuum housings are typically used to circulate sub-cooled liquid nitrogen (e.g. high-temperature superconducting cables).

Model BNCP-30-000 Liquid Nitrogen Pump

The BNCP-20-000 and BNCP-30-000 liquid nitrogen pumps (shown above and below at left) circulate liquid nitrogen in monochromatic cryocoolers currently used in synchrotrons all over the world.

Model BNCP-64C-000 Sub-Cooled Liquid Nitrogen Pumps

The BNCP-64C-000 pumps shown below circulate sub-cooled liquid nitrogen in superconducting cables in Korea and Japan. These pumps utilize vacuum housings as sub-cooled liquid nitrogen pumps are typically installed in a cold box.

Nitrogen Liquid Pump Features

  • Thin-walled shafts and housings minimize conductive heat transfer in long shaft pumps
  • Anti-convection/radiation heat shields minimize heat transfer in vacuum housing pumps
  • Hermetically sealed pumps eliminate leaks
  • Engineered inducers minimize Net Positive Suction Head (NPSH) requirements
  • Custom high-speed motors with variable frequency drives are provided on all pumps to provide a wide range of performance and maximize efficiency for your application

Perhaps one of our existing designs can fit your application and for more challenging or specific applications BN can design and produce a custom liquid nitrogen pump for your project.

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