Rocketdyne Propulsion And Power Recognizes Barber-Nichols For Providing Top Quality Hardware Used On The RS-68 Engine

Michael Costas, RS-68 Program Manager, and Brant Julian, SM&P Senior Manager with Rocketdyne Propulsion and Power’s Expendable Propulsion Programs recognized Barber-Nichols Inc. (BNI) for work well done on the RS-68 Engine.  The RS-68 powers America’s newest space launch vehicle, the Delta IV. BNI uses a high-quality Electrochemical Machining process to produce the engine’s turbopump nozzle rings. During their visit, Costas and Julian spoke with employees and stressed that suppliers like Barber-Nichols who take pride and ownership in their work have contributed directly to Delta IV’s success.  An open letter to BNI reads:

As we near the fulfillment of the RS-68 Lot I engine contract, Boeing Canoga Park would like to express our sincere thanks for the hard work, dedication, and quality hardware delivered to us over the last several years by Barber-Nichols. This outstanding performance has led to four flawless launches of America’s newest space launch vehicle, the Delta IV.

Boeing’s increasing reliance on our supplier partners for component hardware makes it more important than ever for our suppliers to embrace the objectives of quality hardware delivered on time.  We also appreciate the open communication between our companies which has allowed us to meet critical program objectives.

The RS-68 Team would like to thank Barber-Nichols for a job well done and look forward to a long-lasting relationship.