Mike Dixon

Mike Dixon
Title:Sales Engineering & Contracts Manager

Current Position: Defense industry sales and business development lead at Barber-Nichols, with oversight responsibility for business development, sales engineering, cost estimating, and contracts for other markets.

History: Prior to joining Barber-Nichols I spent the majority of my career as an Applications Engineer & Manager, responsible for sizing, selecting, and quoting high-speed integrally-geared API pumps and compressors used in the Oil & Gas industry. Before that I spent several years working as an Auto Repair Technician & Advisor with a focus on diagnostics, troubleshooting, and repair of passenger cars and trucks.

Education: Bachelors Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Northern Illinois University

Interests: Outside of work I love spending time outdoors with my wife and twin children, whether it’s a walk to the park, an afternoon at a festival, or hiking trails. When I have free time it’s usually spent biking, snowboarding, or woodworking in my garage. Prior to having kids my wife and I loved to travel the world, and we both look forward to getting back to that at some point in the future!